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We deliver simple, cost effective brand assessments that give our clients the positioning strategy they need to gain the edge over their competitors.

Blue Chip is all-in when it comes to brand positioning. We have spent a good decade studying blue chip brands like Red Bull, Volvo, Domino’s, etc. to understand the formula that has them outperforming their competition. We have discovered that whether you are a rookie startup or a veteran global brand, the same branding attributes (visual + verbal) must be developed in order to be memorable and therefore successful.

So what makes us stand out among our competitors? We talk the talk and walk the walk. In fact, Blue Chip was born from a brand assessment done on ourselves! Ironically, most marketing, branding and design companies have poor brand communications themselves. The way we see it, if somebody is going to say how good or how bad your brand identity is, they better have a good brand to back them up.


Founder, Head Brand Scout

Kurtis is a brand communications specialist with 20 years of experience in multimedia design, brand strategy, sales and project management. His passion for effective brand communication and brand positioning strategies have helped him and his clients achieve great success in a variety of business categories.

Kurtis Albers
Why hire a brand scout?

Because you need a professional that can call it as it is. Typically, owners are too close to their brands and can’t see potential strengths and obvious weaknesses, putting the brand equity at risk. A brand scout gives you an unbiased, outside-in perspective that is not influenced by the market or any other factors.

Blue Chip Pricing Strategy



Ideal for brand new startups with low budgets that want to make sure they are headed on the right track.

  • Category Research
  • Brand Assessment
  • Recommendations



Ideal for established businesses looking to rebrand or carve out a leadership position in their category.

  • Category Research
  • Brand Assessment
  • Main Competitor Brand Assessment
  • Head 2 Head Scorecard
  • Recommendations



Ideal for experienced businesses looking for a positioning strategy to gain the edge over category competitors.

  • Category Research
  • Brand Assessment
  • Main Competitor Brand Assessment
  • Head 2 Head Scorecard
  • Recommendations
  • Branding/Marketing Talent Acquisition
  • Brand Consulting Service

Hall of Fame

Over the past few years, we have had the honor of working with some amazing clients. Here are just a few of them.

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Our firm recently engaged Blue Chip to undertake a brand assessment for one of our portfolio companies and one of its main industry competitors. We were very pleased with the easy-to-understand analysis and succinct recommendations that resulted.

Glenn Huber, President

Chrysalis Capital Advisors Logo
The Scouting Report was a great tool to get a fresh, outside-in perspective on our brand. It was an eye-opener for us to see how we could leverage our strengths while taking advantage of our competitor’s weaknesses.

Tammy Martin, Trailblazer/CEO

Martin Marketing Logo
Blue Chip’s approach gave me a fresh perspective and the confidence I needed to take my positioning strategy to the next level and clearly differentiate myself from other design studios.

Jon Allison RGD, Creative Director

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